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5 Best Android Lock Screen Replacement to Beautify Your Phone

Bored with your default Lock Screen ? Want to try something new without compromising the security of your phone ? There are many Lock Screen  apps available in the market but finding the correct one is a hard task to do. Here we have selected 5 best replacements to your boring default  Lock Screen.

1. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Have you ever feared that someone might steal your personal data or you want to get alert whenever someone tries to unlock your phone !
This app is just for you. If someone tries to snip your phone and the anti theft screen lock is enabled, the Lock will trigger a loud alarm, a police siren, starts to vibrate and much more.So, every time someone tries to sneak into your phone, you'll know.

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2. Screen Lock Guardian

This is a simple but effective lock screen which helps you to protect your personal data.In this lock screen app, if someone tries to unlock your phone and fails, the app will automatically captures the face of the person.This app offers you the pin code mode and pattern mode as well, you can easily customize the app with maximum number of fail attempts to capture the snap of the intruder. 

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3. Smart Phone Lock Screen

This lock screen app is one of the most intelligent  and interesting lock screen app ever. It offers you a large pool of ways in which you can lock your screen. The most interesting one is that you can set the current time as your pin code. So every minute, you will have a new PIN code to unlock you phone. You can easily hide the application icon from the app list as well. 

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4. Gesture Lock Screen

As the name suggest, this Lock Screen app unlocks your phone using gesture.You can easily unlock your phone using simple gestures like drawing letters, numbers, shapes, signatures and recovery password as well in case of need. Apart from these features, this app also take snaps of the intruder who entered the wrong password or used wrong gesture.

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5. Solo Locker(DIY Locker)

The Lock Screen offers picture lock, information tool, customized icons, It offers the best lock screen experience with most possible customization options.There are options like slide style, love style, family style, number style etc.

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So these were the five replacement to your boring default Lock Screen . Knows any interesting Lock Screen app ? Feel free to comment.

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