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5 Secret Android Functions You Don't Know About

In the current era of Smartphones, I believe there isn't a single person who is not familiar with Android. Yet there are many functions users don't know about. 

Hence we'll discuss about those functions below.

1. The Secret Game


Google pre-installed this secret game in all the devices having 2.3+ android versions.It's kinda fun to play but finding the game is a different story.
So here are the simple instructions you may follow to find the game.
Simply Go to Settings => About  phone => Quickly tap  on the Android version several times and your game will be open.

2. Screen Magnifier

Sometimes with poor eyesight operating phone could be a hard task to do, for such users Screen Magnifier is pre installed in the android.
To use android Magnifier, just follow these simple steps:
Just Go to Settings =>  Accessibility => Magnification gestures. Easy.

3. Unlock Phone using your Face 

Android Jelly Bean + androids have this feature to unlock your smart phone using your own face as the Screen Lock.
To set your face as the Screen Lock
Simply, Goto Settings => Security => Screen Lock => Face Unlock.

4.Text to Speech

You can make your phone to read almost everything. You can even listen to this article using your smart phone easily. It's a good feature for those who have eye problems and wants to listen what their phone is showing. To use this function, simple follow these steps.
Go to Settings => Accessibility => turn on Text-to-Speech Output option.

5. Guest Mode

This function is a life savior for those who wants to share their phone with others but worries about their personal data.

Use these simple steps to turn on Guest mode in your phone.

Swipe down from the top of the screen  =>  Tap your Avatar on the top right twice  => Tap Add guest.
that's it, to reverse it follow the same instructions with tapping your user account.

So these were the five secret android functions you probably didn't know about. Knows about more secret functions of android ? Feel free to comment.

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