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Google's Fidget Spinner, Type 'Spinner' in Google Search Box and Start Fidgeting !

As the Fidget Spinner's craze is on the top and Google is the one who always keeps up with the latest trends.
The Google with lots of hidden Easter eggs  just added a virtual Fidget Spinner to it's search engine.  

Google Fidget Spinner
Source : Google

To access it, all you have to do is type "Spinner" in the search box and hit enter. Don't add anything else with it just Spinner is enough. You will see a Spinner spinning to the infinite.

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source : GIPHY

You can hit Spin, to make it spin faster and clicking anywhere on it will make it stop instantly. 

In addition, there is a numbered wheel as well which you can toggle to select random numbers. There is a pool of 2 to 20 numbers which you can customize according to your need.
Google never stops to amaze us with these hidden Easters Eggs. Gotta spin more !

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