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How To Hide Specific Photos From Showing Up in the Gallery

As for the security and privacy purpose, sometimes sharing your phone with others is a hard task to do. For those people who want to share their phone with the friends but not the photos, luckily there is a way to hide your photos without using any third party app.

To hide your personal photos from the gallery or any other media app, just follow these simple instructions.

1. A good file explorer i.e. ES Explorer must be installed on your phone to perform the task.

2.After installing a File Explorer, all you need to do is create a new folder having any desired name.

3.Now, move all your photos that you want to hide to the new folder, you have created earlier in the previous step.

4.Now, create a new file named ".nomedia" from the file explorer's option.

5. After creating the nomedia file in the folder, all the photos will be automatically  hidden from the Gallery or any other media app.

6. To unhide your photos, all you need to do is either remove ".nomedia" file or move photos to any other folder.

So this was a simple way to hide your photos without using any app.

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Knows any better way to hide photos, feel free to comment.

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