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How To Post Animated GIF Comment in Facebook : New Feature

We all have been using photo comments in Facebook from a long time, there was no better way to explain our feelings about the post but with pictures.

 Post Animated  GIF Comment in Facebook

Well photo comment have helped us a lot to share our feelings and now we can express them with a more fun and an engaging way !

Facebook just added a new feature in their comment section that we all have been waiting for.

Now we can just not only react with pictures but we have GIFs as well to share our feelings.

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If you want to use a GIF in comment, all you have to do is Click comment section like you usually comments.

On the right side, there will be icons for adding smileys, photo, GIF and stickers. As shown in the picture.

Just click on the GIF box and you are good to go. Now, you can search for any appropriate GIF you want or you have an option to choose from the trending ones.

So, what are you waiting for ? Show and share some GIF love to your friends. Though of all the GIFs which one is your favorite , feel free to comment.

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