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Top 5 Most Dangerous Hackers in the World

Ever wondered about world's best programmers and hackers. What do they do, what are they known for, who they are ? There are many hackers known for their unreal actions and problems they have caused.

Here we have selected top 5 hackers in the world known for their famous actions and imprisonments.

1. Jonathan James

Also knows as "c0mrade" on the internet, known for breaking into the server of department of defense in 1999. He conducted these breakings when he was just 16.
He further hacked into the NASA, stealing software and information. Because he was a minor, these actions caused him a 6 months of imprisonment and pledged that he won't ever use computers again.

Alias Name : c0mrade.
Crimes : Hacked into NASA, Department of Defense. 
Sentencing : 6 Months of Imprisonments.

2. Garry McKinnon

Source : Flikr

Known by his alias name "Solo", he is known to be the biggest military computer hacker ever lived.
In 2001, he was able to gain access to the US Armed Forces and NASA  affecting around 97 computer  systems.
This incident made him one of the most known and famous black hat of all the time.He's facing 70 years of imprisonment and is deprived from accessing internet. According to the US officials, his illegal actions caused around $700,000 damage to the economy.

Alias Name : Solo.
Crimes : Hacked into Armed Forces, NASA, etc.
Sentencing : 70 Years of Imprisonment.

3. Robert Tappan Morris

Source : Flikr

The first internet worm ever created is named after it's creator i.e. "The Morris Worm". 
The worm he created lead to the slow speed of internet and made systems no longer usable. 
There was no way to find out how many systems this worm has affected but the experts claims it to be around 6000 systems. He was the first person prosecuted under 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. He faced 3 years of imprisonment, $10,500 fine and 400 hours of community service. Currently, he's a professor at MIT teaching Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Alias Name : RTM
Crimes : Morris Worm
Sentencing : 3 Years of Imprisonment with $10,500 Fine.

4. Kevin David Mitnick

Picture Credit : Matthew Griffiths

Best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest. He served five years imprisonment for various computer and communications-related crimes.
He broke into the systems of of top techs and telecommunications like Nokia, Motorola, Fujitsu Siemens and Sun Micro systems.  He hacked into the Los Angeles bus transfer system to get free rides and got access into the DEC system to view  the VMS source code (open virtual memory system) which lead to the clean-up cost of around $160,000. Current he works as a paid security consultant and worked for FBI as well.

Alias Name : The Condor, The Darkside Hacker.
Crimes : Breaking into Nokia, Motorola etc.
Sentencing : 46 Months of Imprisonment.

5. Kevin Poulson

Source : Alchetron

Also known from his alias name "Dark Dante", he is accused of hacking KIIS FM phone lines, a Los Angeles based radio station.
For hacking into federal's system and stealing wiretap information, he earned his place into FBI's wanted list. He faced 51 months of imprisonment and $56,000 fine. Currently he works as a senior editor at wired news.

Alias Name : Dark Dante.
Crimes : Hacked into radio station
Sentencing : 51 months of imprisonment.

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These were the world's top hackers and there actions which cause them a lot of trouble !
Knows more hackers worthy of the top 5 tag ? Feel free to comment.

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